One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy The Novel by Stephen Tunney

One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy
The Novel

One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy is a novel I wrote and had published in 2010. It is the story of  a sixteen year old young man named Hieronymus Rexaphin, who lives on the Moon with his family and his friends and in fact millions of other people because the novel takes place  two thousand years in the future. Despite that scenario, I do not consider One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy to be science fiction. Its a novel that takes place in a science fiction setting, but it is not science fiction. In fact, science fiction fans usually don’t like this novel because it lacks many of the qualities that science fiction fans like. Anyway, Hieronymus has eyes that are not blue or brown or green like everyone else–his eyes are the color of the fourth primary color. On the Moon, which in two thousand years is terraformed, meaning, it has an artificially induced atmosphere and now has an earth-like ecosystem, there is a small minority of lunar inhabitants who have eyes of this color. And they can see the fourth primary color as well. For them, the fourth primary color exists as translucent shadows of events in the past and future, out of synch with actual time by moments. This creates a world of problems for Hieronymus because the lunar government two thousand yerars in the future is highly corrupt and extremely repressive of those who have this color in their eyes.

Anyway, he meets a girl from Earth, and he gets into a lot of trouble with her. He drags all of his friends into his cascading problems with the authorities, and in the meantime, his has trouble deciding which girl he likes more, the Earth girl, or Slue the girl with the blue hair who has eyes just like his own whom he secretly likes.

One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy was chosen in late 2010 for their “Discover Great New Writers” series. It will be translated and published in France by Albin-Michel, (French Title Quand on s’embrasse sur la lune) in Japan and in Russia.

It was optioned by a major filmmaker, and is currently in development.

One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy is only available in hardcover form, and only one edition was printed by MacAdam/Cage. Soon to be a collectors item! It is available as an eBook  (via MP Publishing) so you can download it from Barnes and Noble, or Amazon, or anywhere you like to download books.

I am currently working on the second book of the series. The sequel to One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy.

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